AIChE Abstracts

AIChE 2005 Abstracts

Experimental Determination of Diffusion Parameters in Rat Tumor Tissue Using Fluorescent Visualization Methods

Design and Operation of a Spray Dryer for the Manufacture of Hollow Micro-particles


AIChE 2004 Abstracts

Modeling and Control of A Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator Plant | Presentation

A Decision-Based Methodology for Plantwide Control Structure Synthesis | Presentation

Experimental Evaluation of the Physiologic Response of the Venous Valve | Presentation

Modeling a Hollow Micro-particle Production Process | Poster


AIChE 2003 Abstracts

Fundamental Modeling and Analysis of Falling Film Evaporators

Global Linearization and Control of a Calcium Dynamics in Cardiac Myocytes


AIChE 2002 Abstracts

Integration of Control Structure Synthesis & Plant Design: A Novel Plantwide Decomposition

A State-Shared Model Predictive Control Approach to Transition Control

QDMC Using a Reduced-Order SVD-KL Model of a Distributed Parameter System