Xi Zhang

PhD Candidate
(curriculum vitae)

Towards Autonomous Control of Biological Processes for Human-Rated Space Missions

Year Started: Fall 2004
Anticipated Graduation: May 2008

Advisor: Dr. Karlene A. Hoo

B.S., University of Science & Technology of China


TTU SBC Chancellor Fellowship
ConocoPhillips Fellowship

Progress to Date:

Refereed Manuscripts: For reprints contact K. A. Hoo (karlene.hoo@ttu.edu)

  1. Zhang, X., K. A. Hoo, and D. Overland, "Advanced Systems Integration and Control for Advanced Life Support Systems,''; 2005 International Conference on Environmental Systems, Italy.

  2. Zhang, X., K.A. Hoo and D. Overland, “Kinetic-based Modeling and Feedback Control Studies of an Integrated Bio-reactor System,” American Automatic Control Conference, Minneapolis, MN, June, 2006.

  3. Zhang, X., K. A. Hoo, " Closed-Loop Control of a Coupled set of Biological Reactors for Wastewater Treatment", to appear in J. Control Practice, 2007.

Invited Presentations:

  1. Zhang, X., K.A. Hoo and D. Overland, "Process Control for Advanced Life Support, Biological Water Processor Test Bed,'' Habitation Research and Technology Development Conference, Session: Design for Advanced Life Support Systems, ID: MC39, Orlando, FL, Feb 2006.

  2. Zhang, X., K.A. Hoo and D. Overland, “Bond Graph Modeling of an Integrated Biological Wastewater Treatment System,” AIChE national meeting, paper 479e, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 2006.

  3. Zhang, Xi and K.A. Hoo, "Experimental Feedback Control Studies of an Integrated Biological Reactor System", ISA EXPO 2007, Houston, TX, Oct. 2007

Biological wastewater process located in Civil & Environmental Water Lab

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