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 Xiangfu Shi

Alumini-Ph.D (Dec'04)

Department of Chemical Engineering


Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering



Postdoctoral Fellow

Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology Dept.

Center for Molecular Oncology

University of Chicago

924 E 57th St, R322

Chicago, IL 60637

E-mail id-

Phone - (773) 702-5695 (Office) (773) 834-0256 (lab)

Fax - (773) 702-4394



1. A.Mandanici, R.Richert, M.Cutroni, X.Shi, S.A.Hutcheson, and G.B.McKenna, "Relaxational features of supercooled and glassy m-toluidine", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 352, 4729-4734 (2006).

2. A.Mandanici, X.Shi, S.A.Hutcheson, G.B.McKenna, M.Cutroni, and S.Giamb, "Mechanical response of a simple molecular glass former in the glass transition region", Materials Science and Engineering, A, 432, 299-302 (2006).

3. X.Shi, G.B.Mckenna, "Mechanical hole-burning spectroscopy: Demonstration of hole burning in terminal relaxation regime", Physical Review B, 73, 0142303-1-014103-11 (2006).

4. X.Shi, A.Mandanici, G.B.McKenna, "Shear stress relaxation and physical aging study on simple glass-forming materials", Journal of chemical Physics, 123(17), 174507-1-174507-12 (2005).

5. X.Shi, G.B.Mckenna, "Mechanical hole burning specroscopy: Evidence for heterogeneous dynamics in polymer systems", Physical Review Letters, 94, 157801-1-157801-4 (2005).

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